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About Us

About Us delivers scheduled and real time communication to show visitors through their mobile devices. From the facility within a show, we can record and stream digital video, record and distribute podcasts, manage social media and websites.

Our experienced and knowledgeable journalists will take your story, render it into a newsworthy piece and push it out to your target audience while they are still within the confines of the show. No more no-shows; no more poorly attended product launches. Achieve your targets and drive home your message while your audience is still on site. Don’t experience the frustration of letting them slip away!

Most of us go to trade show shows with the best of intentions – to make all of those meetings, sit in on all those product demos, check out the innovations from those interesting new start-ups. Research shows that we do less than half of plan to do in a day at a trade show. We get lost, distracted or simply forget. A reminder – like an alarm is useful – but better still is a rich media sample delivered as video or podcast or social media before the event itself.