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360 degree videos add new levels of engagement and response to your video promotions. Ideal for exhibition stands and showrooms, a 360 degree video really is the next best thing “to being there” – some would say even better in fact, because a 360 degree video can be enhanced with linked to additional information. How about an audio track to make the video into a tour by a product expert or a museum guide?

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Our experienced and knowledgeable journalists will take your story, render it into a newsworthy piece and push it out to your target audience while they are still within the confines of the show. No more no-shows; no more poorly attended product launches. Achieve your targets and drive home your message while your audience is still on site. Don’t experience the frustration of letting them slip away! understands that you have invested heavily to even be at the show – you need to generate the best ROI, but you need to be sensible about any further spending. That’s why MyShowGuide is designed to be cost-effective. Starter packages range from just £499 ex VAT.

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